Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s March 2 announcement that Texans would no longer be required by state law to wear a mask as of March 10, officials with H-E-B announced their employees and vendors would still be required to be masked while on the job.

Additionally, H-E-B will continue to encourage customers to wear masks while in stores.

“Though statewide policy has changed, our store policy has not. We will continue to ask shoppers to be masked while in our stores. Additionally, we will still require all our Partners and vendors to wear masks while at work,” said Lisa Helfman, public affairs director for H-E-B Houston, in a statement.

Abbott said he will also allow all businesses to operate at full capacity starting March 10 after months of restricting capacities in restaurants, retailers and other venues. He cited the rapid increase of COVID-19 vaccinations in a statement as nearly 5.7 million doses have been administered statewide.

If COVID-19 hospitalizations rise above 15% of all hospitalizations within a certain region, county judges will be able to take action as long as business capacity is not reduced lower than 50%, and those who fail to comply with mask advisories will not be not penalized.