A total of 906 new cases of COVID-19 and 26 deaths caused by the virus were confirmed in Harris County on Aug. 26. The city of Houston confirmed 367 of the new cases, while the remaining 539 were confirmed in Harris County outside of the city.

The seven day average for new cases confirmed per day in the county rose slightly to 914 on Aug. 26 and has remained largely unchanged over the past week and a half after dropping rapidly over the first half of August. Officials with the Texas Medical Center, who are tracking the daily case count in the nine-county Greater Houston area, said the count needs to be 200 or lower for 14 consecutive day to demonstrate community control of the virus.

The case count in Harris County now stands at 101,077, with 26,784 active cases, 73,039 recovered cases and 1,252 deaths. A total of 157 deaths have now been confirmed over the past week.

The number of COVID-19 patients in Harris County hospitals continued its downward trend on Aug. 26. A total of 611 COVID-19 patients were in general wards, down from 699 on Aug. 25 and 739 one week ago on Aug. 19. In intensive care units, the patient count fell to 278 on Aug. 26, down from 372 on Aug. 19 and the lowest the count has been since June 15.