Jersey Village Mayor Bobby Warren testified before the Texas House Committee on Redistricting on Oct. 4, opposing the House’s proposed redistricting map released Sept. 30.

Redistricting is the process of redrawing the boundaries for representation in states and local jurisdictions and is required after every decennial census. The House’s plan splits the 3.5-square-mile city of Jersey Village, which is currently contained within House District 135, between districts 138 and 148.

Warren said the community of 8,000 residents is tight-knit and politically engaged. He argued splitting the community between two districts would make it more difficult to work with elected officials on issues such as flood mitigation.

“Neighbors who have lived and worked together as one community for over 65 years will, for the first time ever at any level of government, find themselves represented by different elected officials,” he said during the public hearing. “While for some neighborhoods this might seem like a simple reality faced every 10 years, this is completely uncharted territory for Jersey Village.”

Additionally, Warren pointed out other Harris County cities such as Bellaire, Deer Park, Galena Park and Webster all remain within one House district in the proposed map. See Warren’s full testimony below:

Jersey Village City Council Member Drew Wasson also expressed his opposition to the proposed maps in a statement released Oct. 1.

“This map, if enacted as-is, dilutes our community's representation in the Texas State House by splitting the community, streets and blocks into different districts,” Wasson said. “It adds harmful confusion for communications to our constituents when advising them who represents them in Austin. And it adds extra effort to our city staff when seeking assistance.”

The redistricting committee is slated to reconvene to continue the public hearing Oct. 5 at 1 p.m.