Oksana Ramotowski has opened Artisan Bread Gallery alongside her husband, Krzysztof Ramotowski, with over 25 years of experience as a baker.

Meet the owners

Oksana Ramotowski said she and her husband met working for Fireking Baking Company over 13 years ago and fell in love.

After getting married and working for bakeries in New Jersey and Massachusetts, the couple said they noticed the Houston area could benefit from a bakery. The bakery offers bread made with all-natural ingredients and no yeast.

Originally from Poland, Krzysztof Ramotowski’s professional experience comes from his time baking for Fireking Baking Company and Hudson Bread, Oksana Ramotowski said.

What's on the menu?

The bakery offers sourdough breads and French pastries, including a variety of croissant flavors, raisin bread and multigrain healthy bread. Other pastries offered include Italian, German and Polish breads.

Oksana Ramotowski said the location was previously a doughnut shop, and she plans to continue selling doughnuts with their own recipe made from scratch. Doughnuts will be available by early March.