Entrepreneur, equestrian and Houston-native LeBrina Jackson said she opened Escape Spa in July 2022 to provide Cypress residents with a holistic wellness experience.

“I am an advocate for providing spaces that are needed and have an impact in the community,” Jackson said.

The backstory

Jackson grew up in the salon and beauty industry through five generations of women who did hair.

“I grew up watching my grandmother and mother; I grew up watching these women take care of other women and that was embedded in me and it also translated throughout my life as an adult,” Jackson said.

Although she was originally in the salon industry, Jackson later became an advocate for wellness.

Escape Spa provides a relaxing experience with a focus on holistic wellness and self-care.

The details

Escape Spa offers services including hydrotherapy, halotherapy, infrared sauna, contrast bathing and IV infusions as well as body treatments, massages and facials.

Jackson said Escape Spa offers a recovery aspect that other spas in the Houston area don’t provide through treatments like hydrotherapy. For example, contrast bathing is a treatment that helps speed the body's recovery process through using water to stimulate circulation, aid in relaxation and promote healing. Hydrotherapy is beneficial for conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, and cardiovascular diseases, Jackson said.

A closer look

Escape Spa guests have full access to the spa’s amenities for up to two hours with any scheduled spa experience. Amenities include a wine bar, a relaxation lounge next to a fireplace, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a bucket shower and a self-care lounge with wellness products, skincare essentials, and other self-care items to take home.

“When you leave the spa, you literally feel different,” Jackson said. “You're going to feel different because the experience we offer heals internally and externally and provides a collaborative effort of wellness.”

The reservation-based spa also offers monthly membership plans, which offer discounts for guests who visit frequently and provides full access to the spa's amenities throughout the month.

Jackson said she chose Cypress for the spa’s location due to the convenience a local spa can offer to busy parents who don’t have the time to drive across town to unwind.

“Community is so key, and I wanted to create a wellness space within families that just need that break,” Jackson said.

Escape Spa