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100% of Texas polling locations reported as of 9:30 a.m. March 3

The following candidates will be entered into runoff elections for statewide positions on May 24:

  • Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor: Mike Collier (41.5% of primary vote) and Michelle Beckley (30.2% of primary vote)

  • Democratic nominee for attorney general: Rochelle Mercedes Garza (43.1% of primary vote) and Joe Jaworski (19.6% of primary vote)

  • Democratic nominee for comptroller of public accounts: Janet T. Dudding (46.1% of primary vote) and Angel Luis Vega (34.7% of primary vote)

  • Democratic nominee for land commissioner: Sandragrace Martinez (32.0% of primary vote) and Jay Kleberg (25.8% of primary vote)

  • Republican nominee for attorney general: Ken Paxton (incumbent, 42.7% of primary vote) and George P. Bush (22.8% of primary vote)

  • Republican nominee for land commissioner: Dawn Buckingham (41.8% of primary vote) and Tim Westley (14.8% of primary vote)

  • Republican nominee for railroad commissioner: Wayne Christian (incumbent, 47.1% of primary vote) and Sarah Stogner (15.1% of primary vote)

8:11 a.m. March 2

With 95% of polling locations reporting statewide, the Democratic and Republican nominations for the Texas governor’s seat are set for the Nov. 8 general election.

Incumbent Greg Abbott defeated all challengers for the Republican nomination with more than two-thirds of all votes cast, while former congressional representative and presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke won the Democratic nod with more than 91% of the vote.

Abbott, who has served as the state’s governor since 2014, won over seven challengers, including Dallas-based businessman Don Huffines. O’Rourke won over four challengers including former journalist Joy Diaz.

Statewide office candidates set

Dan Patrick, the current incumbent lieutenant governor, won the Republican nomination for the seat with 76.5% of the vote.

Glenn Hegar, the current incumbent comptroller of public accounts, won the Republican nomination with 81.7% of the vote.

Susan Hays won the Democratic nomination for the state agriculture commissioner seat with 82.7% of the vote.

Hays will challenge incumbent agriculture commissioner Sid Miller, who secured the Republican nomination with 58.5% of the vote.

Incumbent Scott Walker secured the Republican nomination for the fifth place on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals—the state’s highest court for criminal cases. Walker won 56.7% of the vote.

Evan Young won 54.8% of the vote to take the Republican nomination for the ninth place on the Texas Supreme Court.

Runoffs in statewide offices

Several statewide offices are approaching runoffs in both parties’ primaries. According to the secretary of state’s office, a candidate must secure more than 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff election against the candidate with the second-highest number of votes.

Incumbent Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton will face a runoff after securing 42.6% of the vote. His opponent will be George P. Bush, who is currently the state’s land commissioner.

The Democratic nominee for attorney general will also be contested in a runoff, with Rochelle Mercedes Garza securing 43.3% of the vote. Her potential opponent is likely to be either Joe Jaworski or Lee Merritt, who each received more than 19% of the votes counted thus far but are separated by fewer than 3,000 votes statewide.

Incumbent Republican Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian will face a runoff after securing 47.1% of the vote. All four of his opponents received between 11% and 16% of the vote. Sarah Stogner has the edge for the second position with 15.15% of all votes counted.

Dawn Buckingham secured 41% of the vote for the Republican nominee for the state’s land commissioner office. Her leading opponents—Tim Westley and Jon Spiers—have received 14.81% and 12.62% of the votes counted, respectively.

The Democratic nomination for the land commissioner’s office will be contested between Sandragrace Martinez, who secured 32.1% of the vote, and Jay Kleberg, who won 25.9%.

Three Democratic candidates are within 15% of each other in the race to challenge Patrick for the lieutenant governorship. Mike Collier currently leads the race with 41% of the vote secured. His opponent in a runoff would be either Michelle Beckley or Carla Brailey, who have garnered 30.22% and 28.01% of the vote, respectively.

Runoff elections take place May 24, according to the secretary of state’s office.