Jersey Village City Council is considering a possible bond initiative to repair or rebuild the city pool.

At a May 17 budget workshop, City Manager Austin Bleess presented City Council with information regarding the next budget that will be finalized this summer, pending legislative outcomes of tax legislation in Austin later this month.

Council discussed projections of infrastructure projects, including the city pool, which was recently discovered to leak.

If a decision is made on the pool project as part of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year that begins in October, Bleess said a bond referendum would be put before the public in November. Contractors would then be invited to bid on whatever plan the city decides upon.

“If the bond election is held in November ... and if it is approved by the voters, it would likely be bid in the spring or summer of 2024 with a targeted construction start date in the fall of 2024,” Bleess said in an email.

Options for the project were discussed, including the cost, which could range from $6 million-$10 million. The formation of a temporary committee to steer the exploration of options and costs for either a repair or replacement of the pool was considered, but Council chose instead to have it discussed in upcoming hearings.

“The Council decided not to form an official committee [to study the pool project], but there will be public meetings for people to learn information and share feedback," Bleess said.

As Council waits to see what tax rate changes become law as the state Legislature comes to a close this month, the completion of the budget cannot be finalized, but Bleess said the next budget meeting will be held in July.

The city pool is located at Clark Henry Park at 7804 Equador St., Jersey Village. It has several amenities, such as a pavilion, playground, picnic area and athletic fields.