Cy-Fair ISD's policy regarding House Bill 114—a new law that takes effect Sept. 1—has been updated. The law mandates any Texas K-12 student found in possession, using or selling e-cigarette products or marijuana on school property will receive disciplinary action at the district’s Alternative Learning Center.

In a nutshell

Prior to the start of the new school year, CFISD officials issued a statement defining the district’s plans to enforce the new law.

“If your student possesses an e-cigarette (even if it contains nothing) or any component, part or accessory for any vaping device while on school grounds or at a school-related event, they will be recommended for a mandatory placement at the ALC for at least 10 days for first-time e-cigarette offenses,” the release states.

What else?
  • Students assume responsibility for any item in their possession, even if it does not belong to them.
  • When a student is sent to the ALC, they are not eligible to participate in any school activities and face removal from student clubs, organizations or sports teams.
  • In addition, a student sent to the ALC at any point will not qualify for final exam exemptions for that school year.
  • Limited bus transportation is provided to students sent to the ALC.