Owner Andy Andress announced on Facebook that Whatever Sports Bar & Grill closed May 7. The local sports bar had been open since 2009 at 11902 Jones Road, Houston.

“After 13 years, 10 months and 18 days, with our deepest gratitude to all the staff, patrons, entertainers and supporters of Whatever Sports Bar, we have officially closed our doors. It has been surreal but the time has come. We will always cherish the friends made throughout the years. Cheers to all! Thank you,” Andress said in the social media post.

The bar assisted the community by supporting charities and participating in various relief efforts, including the formation of a trust for the child of a former female bartender who died.

“People have been texting and messaging me all week saying things like, ‘I met with my wife there’ or ‘We had so much fun there’ and that kind of thing. But ultimately, it was just time to close it down,” Andress told Community Impact. “Also, I have to say how thankful I am for my staff from day 1 to day 5,077.”

Andress said he has no plans to open any new bars in the future. www.facebook.com/whateversportsbar