Although there are 15 locations of The Springs Wedding & Event Venues throughout Texas and Oklahoma, General Manager Brianne Benelli said the Cypress location, known as The Chateau, has a more elegant atmosphere compared to the other more rustic locations.

Benelli said she found her ideal career path in event management after spending some time working for several event coordinating companies. She took on her current role in January 2022.

“It’s just been an overwhelmingly positive experience to work here. This venue, and The Springs venues in general, somehow have the nicest brides, and it’s a real pleasure working with them on something they’re so excited about,” Benelli said.

One of the venue’s primary attractions is the leniency in allowing clients to plan their weddings as they wish, as clients can bring their own vendors, she said. Pricing ranges from $5,500-$12,000.

Benelli said the venue has also accommodated unique cultural elements, such as elephants, llamas, horses, Brazilian dance teams and lion dancers.

The Chateau is modeled after centuries-old French castles. Notable features include the painted ceilings, dramatic double staircase entry and the grand ballroom.

It offers indoor and outdoor ceremony options, has additional space upstairs and can host up to 320 guests.

Benelli advises clients to book their event at least a year in advance, and a year and a half prior if they want their event on a Saturday.

Benelli said there has been a spike in wedding bookings following the peak of the pandemic, and every weekend in 2023 is already booked.

Due to an increase in engagements during the holidays, most people request to book their event from November-January, and the busiest months for weddings are March, April, May, September, October, November and December, according to Benelli.

Some advice Benelli said she offers to anyone looking to plan a wedding is to have a budget and a wedding planner to ensure everything runs smoothly. Although wedding planners are not required, having someone to help with the planning minimizes the stress, she said.

Benelli emphasized the importance of keeping an open mind on the day of the wedding to ensure couples are able to enjoy their special day.

“If you get too caught up in the aesthetics, you’re ultimately setting yourself up for not a great experience,” she said.

Top amenities

The Springs Wedding & Event Venues’ Cypress location offers indoor and outdoor wedding options with vendor flexibility as well as:
  • 15-hour full-day rental
  • Furniture setup and takedown
  • Large indoor bar room
  • Event day venue attendant
  • Two-hour photo appointments for engagement or bridal sessions
  • Unlimited site visits for planning
The Springs Wedding & Event Venues