Max Peters said he vowed never to enter the food and beverage world again after a failed venture in 2005-06. But after seeing a hole in the market and looking for a career change, Peters launched his bread pudding bakery in 2018.

He opened Gulf Coast Bread Pudding off FM 529 in January 2022.

“If you can have a place that’s devoted completely to pie, completely to cupcakes, completely to cookies, why not bread pudding?” Peters said.

Peters said the business started out online only, partnering with Pizza Fino to use its commercial kitchen and having it be the order pickup location. But after a few years and getting through the February 2021 winter storm, Peters decided to open his own storefront.

“All it is is a custard, which is ice cream basically, but heavier on the eggs,” he said about bread pudding. “It’s a custard mixed with bread.”

At Gulf Coast Bread Pudding, there are seven flavors that are always on the menu, including vanilla and chocolate, along with rotating seasonal bread puddings, such as red velvet and pumpkin.

“There’s hundreds, thousands of different combinations of bread pudding that you can make,” Peters said. “It’s really limitless the different flavor profiles and things you can do with it.”

Peters said the most popular flavors of bread pudding are vanilla, white chocolate, banana and “anything with raisins.”

Alongside the storefront, which sells bread pudding by the slice or pan, Gulf Coast Bread Pudding also ships its offerings nationwide. Peters also said people have asked if he would franchise the business to other states, but his focus is expanding locally first.

“The expansion would probably be just a couple of more locations in Houston,” Peters said. “And then slowly expanding, maybe in different cities here in different markets like Austin, Dallas, San Antonio.”

Three bread puddings to try

Gulf Coast Bread Pudding has seven staple bread puddings on its menu and rotating seasonal varieties.

1. Nana’s Traditional ($25-$57 pan, $6 slice) bread pudding is made with cinnamon-spiced bread and raisins. The suggested sauce pairing is the Maker’s Mark bourbon sauce.

2. Coconut Joy ($30-$62 pan, $6 slice) bread pudding is made with coconut flakes, almonds and Callebaut dark chocolate chips. The suggested sauce pairing is the Nutella sauce.

3. Bourbon Apple ($30-$67 pan, $7 slice) is cinnamon-spiced bread pudding with bourbon-soaked apples. The suggested sauce pairing is the bourbon caramel sauce.

Gulf Coast Bread Pudding
  • 17001 FM 529, Houston
  • 281-815-3068
  • Hours: Wed.-Sat. 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.-4 p.m., closed Mon.-Tue.