The Cy-Fair area is home to dozens of biking trails. Local cyclists also have several area retail and repair shops to support their hobby. This list is not comprehensive.

1. The Bike Guy
  • Full service maintenance and repair of bikes, scooters, trikes, etc.
  • 20203 Emily Anne Court, Cypress
  • 832-534-2519
2. Doheny Electric Bike of Cypress
  • Electric bikes, service and repair
  • 13340 Telge Road, Ste. 808, Cypress
  • 254-203-5914
3. Green Leaf Bike Shop4. NW Northwest Cycles Bicycle Shop
  • Bikes, parts and accessories
  • 17464 Hwy. 290, Houston
  • 713-466-1240
5. Trek Bicycle CypressWORTH THE TRIP

6. Biking Roots
  • Specializing in new and used mountain bike sales and rentals
  • 21631 Rhodes Road, Ste. A101, Spring
  • 832-510-4696
7. Cool Cat Cycles
  • Full-service bicycle shop with custom fitting available
  • 22010 Westheimer Parkway, Katy
  • 832-437-6324
EMERGING TREND: Electric bikes

Stewart Angst owns Doheny Electric Bike of Cypress, a shop and showroom where customers can learn about and test ride e-bikes as well as purchase, order and repair their bikes on an appointment basis. He said he got into the e-bike business during the pandemic when he recognized an increase in demand. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What motivates customers to buy an electric model instead of a standard bike?

They're realizing they can go out any time of the day in the heat or in the evening because they have the assistance of the motor going out further. And if they get tired, they can get back easier. So they're figuring out that, ‘Oh, that's one good thing about your bikes is I get assistance wherever I need it. I went even 10 miles further than I would have ever gone.’ My wife and I went one day at 99 degrees and we did 20 miles.

What other features do they like?

We've had two primary models these first three years ... and the most popular ... is a step-through model. It has a 16-inch step-over, ... so it's an easy step to step through, and most [people] don't want to put their legs over that bar.

How far can an electric bike go between charges?

Our current model gets 25-45 miles on average, depending on how you use it and where you use it.

What new developments are taking place in the e-bike market?

So we are bringing in new models this year. ... We've gotten into an extended range dual battery, and so we've got one that's going to go 90-plus miles because it has two batteries on it. ... One of our new ventures ... is a kids model ... that looks like a little motorcycle.