The city of Montgomery approved an interlocal agreement with Montgomery County to add a roundabout or traffic circle at the intersection of Buffalo Springs Drive and Lone Star Parkway at a Feb. 14 City Council meeting. Assistant City Administrator Dave McCorquodale said the interlocal agreement lays out the responsibilities between the city of Montgomery and the contractor.

McCorquodale said in the meeting the city of Montgomery will pay 50% of the projects total cost, not to exceed $250,000.

"The one clause that stuck out in the agreement is that [the contractor] wants the city to assume all ownership of Lone Star Parkway that is within the city limits," he said. "That is a valid conversation to have with the county. It's a road that not only helps city residents but helps the county residents that want to go from [Hwy.] 105 to [FM] 1097."

McCorquodale said the county is currently working on the design of the traffic flow, which is leaning more toward a roundabout or traffic circle. Community Impact previously reported a traffic signal was discussed for the intersection. However, McCorquodale said the county dismissed the idea of installing a red light.

The agreement will return to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court for final approval. A timeline was not available as of publication.