3 transportation projects to know in Conroe

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Transportation updates

1. FM 1314 repair

Contractor Smith & Company is 84% done on the repairs along FM 1314 from Hwy. 105 to Loop 336. The work is planned to repair the base of the road, add pavement markings and improve the asphalt.
Timeline: April 1-winter 2019
Cost: $1.74 million
Funding source: TxDOT

2. Frazier, Silverdale sidewalks

Sidewalk construction to connect Frazier Street to the park at Candy Cane Lane (2A) and First to Seventh streets along Silverdale Street (2B) is 50% done. The project also includes improving sidewalks along North San Jacinto and West Dallas streets as well as adding ramps.
Timeline: June 12, 2019-Sept. 20, 2019
Cost: $400,622
Funding source: city of Conroe

3. Wilson Road widening

Triple B Services is completing the final stage of widening Wilson Road and adding traffic signals at its intersection with Frazier Street. The project is slated for completion after work on pavement and a drainage channel.
Timeline: April 16, 2018 -Aug. 15, 2019
Cost: $4.73 million
Funding source: city of Conroe
By Andy Li