Conroe City Council approved selling 3.216 acres of land at East Semands Avenue and North Ninth Street to local nonprofit Angel Reach during City Council's May 26 meeting. The city approved selling the land for $500, according to meeting information.

City Attorney Gary Scott said during the meeting the city sent out a request for proposals April 7-8 for development of this property, and Angel Reach was the only bid received.

"We did a request for proposal for the possible development of this for a particular purpose, which would be furnishing services to our youth and also to prevent them from becoming part of the homeless population," Scott said during the meeting.

Angel Reach helps youth who age out of the foster care system, according to previous reporting.

The property will be used to "provide foster care, youth housing and service, education and other services to aid and reduce the burdens of those young adults aging out of the foster care system," according to the agenda item.

According to an offer letter from Angel Reach included in the agenda packet, Angel Reach plans to use the property for a second phase of Angel Reach Village, a housing development that broke ground in October to include 16 duplexes with 32 housing units for those who have aged out of foster care. The letter states the first phase of housing units is being built by Gracepoint Homes, First America Homes and HomeAid with the first duplexes ready by the end of 2022.

Daniel Signorelli, president and CEO of The Signorelli Co.—which is the managing developer for Angel Reach—requested in a Jan. 24 letter to the city of Conroe the acquisition of the 3.216 acres owned by the city to develop Phase 2 of Angel Reach Village. The 3-plus acres adjoins the property for the ongoing 4-acre Phase 1 of Angel Reach Village.

Signorelli said the additional acreage will provide space for 24 more duplexes, or 48 more housing units, for at-risk young adults.

Property lease

During the May 26 meeting, Conroe City Council members also approved leasing 0.2766 acres of unimproved land to the Montgomery County Veteran Memorial Commission, located near 1 Freedom Blvd., Conroe, for a public purpose.

According to meeting information, the property will be leased to the commission for 99 years at a cost of $100 per year.

“I’m not sure any of us realize how big that veterans park has become, and I look forward to the future developments. It is really an amazing place," Council Member Marsha Porter said during the meeting.