Whitney Jeski, owner of SORT, a home organization company based in Montgomery, offers tips on maintaining an organized home and the value of doing so.

What are two tips for keeping a home organized?

When you purchase, get rid of [something else]. It’s really hard to do, but if you buy yourself three pairs of shoes, you need to get rid of three pairs of shoes, donate them [or] hand them down to a friend. Tip No. 2 is to organize your pantry. Everybody should have an organized pantry, and that’s so you do not overbuy what you don’t need and so that you don’t have food expire. When you purchase, you need to purge and keep an organized pantry.

Why should people pursue a home organizer? What value does home organization bring?

Mental clarity. If you look at a picture of a chaotic master bedroom closet, how does it make you feel? It probably makes you feel overwhelmed; it’s like, “Ugh, I need to walk out of here.” As far as why you should hire [a home organizer], it’s done for you. What would take you two days and a lot of tears and maybe some cuss words, organizers come in and do it in half the time—sometimes even a period of five hours—and it’s completely done for you.

If a client can organize just one room, what would you recommend, and why?

I always recommend starting in the pantry because you’re there so often, and company sees your pantry more than they see your master closet or something. It’s pretty affordable compared to other places because it’s such a small space.


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