Montgomery County commissioners on July 2 approved moving the county's mosquito abatement program to a new building in New Caney from the Precinct 3 Commissioner's Office in Spring.

What it means

The county's mosquito abatement programs were previously housed by and operated from the Precinct 3 Commissioners Office, with each commissioner providing a portion of funds for spraying and mosquito control efforts during the summer. However, Precinct 4 Commissioner Matt Gray said the change is being made to accommodate the Precinct 3 recycling program, which needs to expand into the existing mosquito abatement facility.

"My understanding is Precinct 3 is moving their recycling program into that building. We've got a standalone building in [Precinct] 4, and I will take oversight of the department, and we'll continue without a hitch," Gray said.

The move follows the announcement of the first case of West Nile virus reported on June 25 as the mosquito abatement team found 112 sample of mosquitos carrying West Nile virus so far in 2024.

What's next?

No timeline for when the move would happen was provided at the meeting, but no interruption to mosquito spraying or abatement programs is expected, according to discussion at the meeting. Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley also advocated for making mosquito abatement its own independent department—much like the traffic control department—and he requested more information be brought up during the county's budget workshop process.