Following the resolution of a disagreement regarding running a natural gas pipeline through the Lake Creek Preserve in 2023, Montgomery County commissioners on June 4 approved a right-of-way and easement agreement for the Blackfin Pipeline to begin work.

What you need to know

According to previous Community Impact reporting, Blackfin Pipeline is a 193-mile pipeline that is designed to transport up to 3.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from Colorado County to Jasper County. Construction on the pipeline is expected to begin in late 2024 and be completed by the third quarter of 2025. Negotiations were initiated by the Bayou Land Conservancy concerning a portion of the pipeline moving through the Lake Creek Preserve.

A resolution was reached without any needed legal action following a number of meetings between Blackfin, the county and the BLC. This led to an agreement to build the portion of pipeline that goes through the preserve underground to reduce environmental impact to the 64-acre area.

The action taken

Commissioners approved granting a permanent 50-foot easement surrounding the pipeline through open land portions of the pipeline in Montgomery County as well as a 30-foot easement along roadways. The project is set to begin construction in late 2024, Blackfin officials said, and it will be operational in late 2025.

Editor's note: Story has been updated to reflect an actual lawsuit was never filed by the Bayou Land Conservancy over the Blackfin Pipeline.