On May 28, Montgomery City Council voted to approve an ordinance proposing the creation of a crime control and prevention district, which would help fund the Montgomery Police Department through sales tax revenue.

The gist

A crime control and prevention district, or a CCPD, is a special district allowed under Chapter 363 of the Texas Local Government Code to help support crime control and prevention programs, operational expenses, and related capital purchases for police, as previously reported by Community Impact.

The proposed district will be led by a temporary board of directors who will be considered by voters during an election in November, Montgomery city staff said May 29. The district’s creation will also be up for voter approval.

The temporary district directors are:
  • Mayor Sara Countryman
  • Council member Carol Langley
  • Council member Casey Olson
  • Council member Stan Donaldson
  • Nelson Cox
  • TJ Wilkerson
  • Joel Gordon
In case you missed it

According to City Council’s May 14 workshop meeting agenda packet, things that can be funded through the creation of a CCPD include:
  • Police officers
  • Recruitment and training of police officers
  • Equipment, technology and vehicle replacement
  • Crime prevention and partner programs
There would be no tax increase to residents as a result of this district being created, as previously reported by Community Impact. Creating the district would mean reallocating a portion of the city’s sales tax revenue that goes toward the Montgomery Economic Development Corp.

Stay tuned

According to a May 14 memo from City Attorney Alan Petrov, the remaining steps to create the CCPD are as follows:
  • The temporary board of directors meets and adopts a crime control plan and a proposed budget as well as calls for an election.
  • An election is held to allow voters to decide whether or not to authorize the creation of the district.
  • If approved by voters, the temporary board becomes permanent, and the district can begin collecting sales tax.
The temporary CCPD board is scheduled to meet for the first time at 6 p.m. on June 3.