During its March 26 meeting, Montgomery City Council approved the award and execution of a construction contract for the Buffalo Springs Drive roadway improvements.

In a nutshell

Scythe Construction, LLC, will be paid $663,116.25 to reconstruct a portion of Buffalo Springs Drive located next to the incoming Home Depot. This latest contract follows council’s Jan. 23 approval of a construction contract for the traffic signal, which will be located at the intersection of Hwy. 105 and Buffalo Springs Drive.

Home Depot, which is also paying for the traffic signal, will pay for the roadway reconstruction, per a Chapter 380 agreement the retailer has with the city. That agreement stipulates that:

  • Home Depot will contribute $750,000 toward improvements for the Buffalo Springs Drive and Hwy. 105 intersection and pay the remaining construction costs of $674,000 plus 15% for contingencies.
  • In return, the city of Montgomery will reimburse Home Depot for the $674,000 over a period of five or more years using 50% of the total sales tax collected by the city at the retailer’s new store.

Also of note

At the March 26 meeting, City Council also approved a resolution related to the Buffalo Springs Drive and Hwy. 105 traffic signal project.

“Since it’s an infrastructure improvement that will ultimately be accepted and maintained by [the Texas Department of Transportation], you have to enter into an agreement that says TxDOT is going to take it over after the fact, and that’s what this is,” City Engineer Chris Roznovsky said during the meeting.

Stay tuned

The materials for the traffic signal are expected to be delivered by late July, with construction completed in mid-September, according to the March 26 agenda packet. The roadway reconstruction is expected to be completed around August, Roznovsky said.

Home Depot is slated to open its new store by October, Community Impact previously reported.