The historic "Bonnie and Clyde" bridge, a one-lane iron truss bridge in Montgomery, collapsed and partially washed away during severe storms and flooding the week of Jan. 22, according to the Montgomery County Historical Commission.

The conditions

Severe rainfall in the Houston area resulted in localized flash flooding and major flooding of the east and west forks of the San Jacinto River, which runs directly underneath the bridge between the cities of Conroe and Montgomery.

According to the Montgomery County Historical Commission, one of their members went to visit the bridge to check on the status of its structure Jan. 25, which is when the bridge was found to be submerged and broken down into the San Jacinto River.

The background

The Bonnie and Clyde bridge was allegedly a meeting point between the infamous couple and family members, according to the MCHC.

In 2019, the cities of Conroe and Montgomery disputed which municipality would take ownership of the bridge. The discussion also came with a potential option to relocate the bridge to prevent further damage; however, no final decision was reached. The Montgomery County Precinct 1 Commissioner's Office currently has jurisdiction over the bridge area.

What’s next?

Community Impact reached out to the Precinct 1 Commissioner's Office for comment regarding potential next steps regarding the bridge, but did not receive feedback by press time.

"In spite of good faith efforts to save the old frail bridge, sadly the cost of restoration was prohibitive. So the memory of the old bridge is figuratively, and literally, being washed away," MCHC Chair Larry Foerster said.