During its Jan. 11 meeting, Conroe City Council as part of its consent agenda—on which items are approved with one motion without discussion—approved a proposal from Freese and Nichols Inc. to update the city’s wastewater master plan.

In a nutshell

Freese and Nichols Inc., an engineering, planning and consulting firm, will be paid $548,800 to update the city’s wastewater master plan for five-year, 10-year and 15-year planning periods, according to the Jan. 10 workshop meeting packet.

During the city’s Jan. 10 workshop meeting, City Engineer Chris Bogert said the current wastewater master plan is several years old.

“With the rapid growth and the development occurring maybe on a different timing than we originally anticipated, we’d like to go back and look at some numbers,” Bogert said. “Additionally, on the original plan, we mainly focused on the east side. This would cover the entire city.”

Zooming in

According to Jan. 10 agenda packet, Freese and Nichols Inc.’s work would include tasks, such as:

  • Wastewater flow monitoring and data analysis
  • Population and wastewater flow projections
  • A wastewater system capital improvements plan and report

“It helps us get a better feel for future projects and the order with which we need those,” Bogert said. “So where are we vulnerable, where are there higher priorities, [etc.]. We had pretty good luck with the last report, and we feel pretty confident that Freese and Nichols can do a good job for us on this report.”

Stay tuned

Freese and Nichols Inc. will have a draft of the wastewater master plan completed 360 days after receiving the notice to proceed, according to the Jan. 10 agenda packet. The final wastewater master plan will be ready within 15 days after receiving city comments.

Learn more

View the Jan. 10 agenda packet below.