Update, 10:35 a.m.

Montgomery County Precinct 1 Commissioner Robert Walker issued a statement on Jan. 11 regarding the closure of Lake Conroe Park.

"Due to safety concerns and the rising costs necessary to maintain and operate Lake Conroe Park, the county has currently ceased operating the park," the news release read. "We understand the frustrations that county residents may have with regard to this decision, but the termination of this operating agreement will allow funds to be better allocated for other projects within the county."

Lake Conroe Park will be closed until further notice following the termination of a lease agreement between the Montgomery County Precinct 1 Commissioner's Office and the San Jacinto River Authority, according to a Jan. 10 news release from the SJRA.

What's happening

A 30-year partnership with the SJRA, the Precinct 1 Commissioner's Office and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department ended with the Dec. 31 expiration of the lease agreement to operate Lake Conroe Park, according to the release.

The Precinct 1 Commissioner's Office provided maintenance and operations services for the park, and even increased admission in 2021 to increase revenue generated by the facility, the release states.

Montgomery County officials did not immediately respond to a request for information on the reason for the termination of the lease agreement. However, SJRA officials stated in the news release new partnerships with other entities will be explored once all lease termination documents are finalized.

What they're saying

“SJRA has been in a long-term lease with Montgomery County for Lake Conroe Park. Once the termination agreement is finalized, we will explore future operational partnerships,” SJRA Acting General Manager Ed Shackleford said.

What's next

A closure notice was posted on the Precinct 1 website. The Lake Conroe Park will be closed to all visitors until further notice; there is no timeframe available regarding any potential reopening.