The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has applied for a $400,000 two-year grant for its crisis intervention team following application approval from the Montgomery County Commissioners Court during its March 28 meeting.

“This is for the sheriff’s office,” said Rebecca Ansley, the director of the county’s grants and community development department. “It is a new grant to expand their current [crisis intervention team] grant. They’re wanting to hire two qualified mental health professionals; it’s overtime for existing deputies, I think some travel and some supplies.”

Ansley said the two mental health professionals will likely be contracted through Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare.

The start and end date for this grant is this October and September 2025, respectively, according to the grant application.

During the meeting, the commissioners also approved opening a mental health coordinator position with a salary of $67,537.60, which will be funded through the First Responder Mental Health grant the court approved last November.

“This is a unique approach,” Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson said during the meeting. “We have a qualified mental health professional actually riding with the deputy. So when they’re not responding to CIT calls, they’re doing proactive house calls to ensure that people don’t get into crisis. So very innovative. [We] already got grant one, looking for grant two and then further expand from there.”

The crisis intervention team is made up of one deputy with a mental health peace officer license who is partnered with a qualified mental health professional employed by Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare, Community Impact previously reported.

View the grant application below.