Editor's note: This story previously attributed information to Assistant City Administrator Dave McCorquodale. Consulting City Engineer Chris Roznovsky presented the information during the meeting.

Montgomery City Council members approved feasibility studies May 24 for two residential projects proposed just outside city limits, including a 250-home single-family community and a senior living and multifamily development.

The 250-home community by Pulte Homes is proposed for 79.4 acres on FM 1097 within the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction, said Chris Roznovsky, consulting city engineer for Montgomery. According to the feasibility study, the proposed development is estimated to be built out in 2029.

“You have [water] capacity to serve them for the next few years; however, as we’ve been saying ... as all of these developments that we’re talking about continue to build out and everything else that’s projected, we’ll need additional water capacity to meet that demand in the coming years," Roznovsky said during the meeting.

A feasibility study is the first step for developers to bring the project before the city; the study examines the project’s likely impact on city infrastructure and finances, according to meeting information.

Roznovsky said the approval of the study does not mean City Council is approving the project; the developer would next move on to a development agreement and/or an annexation request, which would again come before council.

The Pulte Homes community proposes lots spanning 45 feet wide, Roznovsky said. According to the feasibility study, the developer anticipates the average home price will be $383,500.

Roznovsky said if the developer requests annexation, the property would have to be rezoned to residential and request a variance for the smaller lot size.

“The market for the 75-foot, 9,000-square-foot lot is not as great as these 45-foot lots that are going," Roznovsky said. “The driver is the market on the homebuilder, the developer requesting these variances for that lot size.”

Council also approved a feasibility study for a multifamily development north of Hwy. 105 near Stewart Creek Road, just north of Pizza Shack. The 33-acre development will include a mix of senior living and multifamily totaling 385 apartment units, Roznovsky said.

According to the feasibility study, construction is planned to be complete in early 2024.