Correction: This story originally incorrectly listend Eric Yollick for a candidate for the 475th District Court judge. The correct number has been added.

On May 2, the day after Montgomery County began reopening businesses, about 50 residents gathered in downtown Conroe to protest the government shutting down businesses and restricting activity during the coronavirus outbreak.

Organizer Angela Daniel said she coordinated the protest to inform the community about what she called the "draconian measures" that government actions have been enforcing, such as face masks and curfews.

"I'm not surprised that the government would try to implement those measures," Daniel said. "But just the sheer level of acceptance and people wanting this to happen to them really made me sad."

The event featured many speakers, including Eric Yollick, a candidate for 457th District Court judge; Billy Graff, former candidate for Montgomery County Precinct 1 commissioner; and Jon Bouche, former candidate for county chairman of the Republican Party.

Bouche encouraged protestors to continue grassroots organizing to put pressure on elected officials.

"All of us are going to die, but not all of us are going to live," Bouche said.