Conroe ISD trustees on June 18 did not approve several resolutions proposed in response to changes to federal Title IX regulations.

The discussion came several months after Gov. Greg Abbott on April 29 directed the Texas Education Agency to ignore new Title IX rules aimed at protecting LGBTQ+ students from discrimination.

What to know

During the meeting, trustee Tiffany Nelson suggested the board adopt a resolution opposing Title IX to “denounce” the changes made by the Biden Administration, which would extend the law to LGBTQ+ students. Title IX is a federal law protecting students from sex-based discrimination in education programs that receive funding from the federal government.

“I think it’s important that we take a stance just as a district, let the community know that we are standing on the gap to protect the safety of our daughters,” Nelson said during her presentation.

Trustee Datren Williams also presented a resolution that he said would require the board to reject any resolutions that would put students in harm's way.

Williams read his proposed resolution out loud, stating the board would “affirm our commitment to ensure students feel safe, respected and supported in our schools, and stand firm against actions that are political and serve only for those bringing those actions.”

The results

Ultimately, the board voted 5-3 to reject the resolutions from both Nelson and Williams.

Board President Skeeter Hubert said the board would be waiting until a decision is handed down by a higher court, as a federal court issued an injunction against Title IX enforcement in Texas. Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the Biden administration in an attempt to block the changes.

“Our stance as a status quo is we are not implementing anything until that has been actually decided, but the lawsuit has not been settled in any state,” Hubbert said. “No state has had a lawsuit determined that it is not legal.”