While Conroe ISD students in grades 3-8 still remain above state and regional averages in most subjects, the district did not see significant changes in spring testing results from the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.

However, students did perform significantly better on their end-of-course exams this spring than prior years, according to the results.

The big picture

STAAR results for spring 2023 were released Aug. 15. According to House Bill 3906, the STAAR was taken almost exclusively online for the first time this spring, and students took the writing exam, which was not administered last year, as part of the reading and language arts assessment. Students requiring accommodations could still complete paper exams.

According to the results, CISD students performed slightly better than in spring 2022 in several grades and categories, including reading, math and science.
  • Reading results improved slightly in grades three, five, six and eight.
  • Fourth grade reading remained unchanged, while seventh grade dipped by 1 percentage point.
  • Math scores improved in grades three, five and eight and remained unchanged for fourth and sixth.
  • Seventh grade math saw a 2 percentage point decrease in scores.
  • In science, fifth grade scores decreased from 78% to 76%, and eighth graders improved by 3 percentage points.
  • Eighth grade social studies improved by 1 percentage point.
STAAR results also include ​​​​​end-of-course assessments, which significantly improved in every category from spring 2022. Scores increased year over year by percentage points that included:
  • 6 in Algebra 1
  • 5 in biology
  • 7 in English 1
  • 3 in English 2
  • 3 in U.S. history
Zooming out

Conroe ISD is a part of Region 6 Education Service Center, which includes 15 counties and 57 school districts, such as neighboring Magnolia, Huntsville, Brenham and Brazos ISDs. Here are some facts on how CISD compared at the region and state level.
  • The district outperformed the region in every grade for reading, math, science and social studies.
  • The district's average reading score was 85%, 9 percentage points better than the average state score.
  • CISD's lowest score was in seventh grade mathematics at 62% and was 1 percentage point above the regional score.
  • The district's highest scores were in eighth grade reading and math, which both improved from 85% to 88%.
  • CISD scored higher on end-of-course exams than the region and state.
  • U.S. history and biology end-of-course scores were the highest at 98% and 94%.
Conroe ISD did not provide a comment by press time.