Conroe ISD appointed Bethany Medford, the assistant superintendent for middle schools, to deputy superintendent during a Nov. 15 school board meeting.

According to previous reporting, Deputy Superintendent Chris Hines announced his retirement in June. Superintendent Curtis Null said the district received external and internal applicants but ultimately decided on Medford due to her "competitive nature to make sure we will always win." Null said during the meeting that Medford attended high school in the district while Hines was a principal.

"The things that have stood out during the interview process ... was the ability to have a positive presence, to be a leader, to exude optimism and encouragement," Null said.

Null said Hines will be retiring in the spring semester and will guide Medford in the role. Medford will take over as deputy superintendent in June 2023.

"Thank you for this incredible opportunity. It is an honor and privilege to serve the families, students and staff of Conroe ISD," Medford said.