The University of St. Thomas is offering free fall tuition for five Associate of Applied Science degree programs for the first 500 students who enroll. The online degrees are in the following fields: cybersecurity, network technology, electronic technology, general business, and alcohol and drug dependency counseling.

According to a news release from the university, the offer was created to offset some of the financial hardships from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“These are unprecedented times, and the university is responding in kind—forgoing financial gain to benefit students who need to boost their workforce skills, especially following the pandemic, by offering free tuition in associate degrees in applied science ... to one, incentivize students to get a college education and a better job in thriving fields, and two make these degrees affordable and accessible to all," University of St. Thomas President Richard Ludwick said. "Along with earning a degree, students will have access to internships, jobs and a success coach.”

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