Montgomery ISD plans to begin the school year online Aug. 13 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, district officials said. Beginning Sept. 8, families will have a choice between remote learning and traditional, face-to-face instruction.

At a July 21 MISD board of trustees meeting, former interim Superintendent Ann Dixon stressed the remote learning will be as challenging as in-person instruction and will require students to turn in homework and assignments and spend 240 minutes per day in class.

"This is going to be school," she said.

Teachers will be teaching remotely from their MISD classrooms, and all students will be given a schedule and expected to follow the schedule daily.

Students are permitted to participate in University Interscholastic League and extracurricular activities.

During in-person learning—which is subject to change as the state releases additional guidelines—all staff will wear and be provided with face coverings. Students age 10 years and older will wear masks. All staff will be required to self-screen for COVID-19 daily, which includes taking their own temperature.

In a Facebook post, board President Jim Dossey said the district still has reopening issues it has not been able to solve, such as transportation. At this time, buses are restricted to 15 students.

"Transportation is still an issue and there is not a good solution at this point," Dossey said. "Most students will need to be brought to school by parents."

A more detailed plan is available on the district's website. A link to the video of the July 21 board meeting can be found here.