The Montgomery ISD board of trustees met Tuesday evening to discuss and deliberate on various agenda items. Here’s what took place at the Oct. 17 monthly meeting:

1. District approves reappraisals for properties damaged by Hurricane Harvey
MISD followed the lead of Montgomery County and other local governmental entities by approving a resolution allowing reappraisals of properties damaged by Hurricane Harvey.
Tony Belinoski, Montgomery Central Appraisal District chief appraiser, said his office has identified approximately 64,000 damaged properties in Montgomery County. Moreover, MCAD has identified 269 damaged properties in MISD’s boundaries as of Oct. 13.
MCAD will continue to reappraise properties, Belinoski said, therefore, Montgomery County residents should register at to submit a reappraisal request.
Montgomery County Tax Assessor Tammy McRae said the district faces an estimated loss of $437,000 from the general fund revenue as early as the 2016-17 academic year budget, and it could result in subsequent loss of revenue in following academic years. However, McRae said the estimate of lost revenue is based on the variable of 700 damaged properties in the district and is expected to diminish as appraisers finish their assessments.

2. MISD Educational Support Group to be evaluated for liability before formation 
MISD board members considered the formation of a nonprofit Educational Support Group that will serve as an umbrella fund for various district booster clubs. Superintendent Beau Rees said numerous booster clubs—such as Parent Teacher Associations, bands, athletics and choirs—would obtain funds through the group. Conroe ISD has a similar program, Rees said.
“This allows the district to help these organizations, to help our kids, to help keep [the organizations’ tax] paperwork in line and to help us guide them in what they’re doing,” Rees said.
District administrators will prepare a report assessing MISD’s liability in terms of this program to present in future meetings.