Conroe, Montgomery and Willis are slated to receive a total of nearly $18 million in federal funds to assist with COVID-19 fiscal recovery. The funds, known as the American Rescue Plan Act, designate $350 billion for states, counties and cities to support pandemic response efforts, replace lost revenue, and support economic stabilization for households and businesses.

Montgomery County will receive $117,978,581, and Conroe, Montgomery and Willis will receive $15,844,218, $336,988 and $1,741,439, respectively, according to the U.S. Treasury. Funds may be used for needs such as medical expenses, replacing lost public sector revenue, providing premium pay for essential workers and investing in various infrastructure needs.

As of late July, funds had been awarded to local entities, with the first half to be awarded this year and the other portion to be requested next year, according to Conroe City Administrator Paul Virgadamo.

On July 22, Conroe City Council voted to approve a resolution that would authorize Virgadamo and Mayor Jody Czajkoski to be the authorized representatives for the funds. Council did not discuss how the funds would be used.

The city of Montgomery also had not finalized plans.

“We have not yet made specific plans on how to use the funds at this time,” Montgomery City Administrator Richard Tramm said. “At this time, I expect we will most likely use them toward needed water utility infrastructure improvements."