Galindo’s Coffee Co. has rebranded to Galindo’s Coffee + Elixirs, owner Zak Galindo confirmed via email Feb. 9.

The business turns into a candlelit cocktail lounge after 6 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Galindo said.

“As our coffeeshop kept growing, we needed more space, and as such we took over the space next door and added a kitchen prep area as well as additional seating and a second-story terrace for people to enjoy their coffee and food,” Galindo said. “Our previous setup was small, so it limited how many offerings we could have.”

Galindo’s Coffee + Elixirs has also started offering breakfast and lunch options, with menu items such as croissants, breakfast bowls, flatbreads and a chicken sandwich.

“We are heavily involved in our community and are always looking for ways to continue moving our community forward,” Galindo said. “We are excited to share our passion with so many and continue to create a space for people to gather and build relationships.”