Conroe Ice Cream Boat is bringing specialty ice cream to Lake Conroe this spring, co-owner Ryan Stirpe said via email Jan. 18.

Stirpe, who owns the business with his wife, Brittney, said they wanted to bring an ice cream truck experience to lake visitors.

“Lake Conroe has so many unique attributes and features and appeals to such a wide audience of visitors, from local families [and] businesses [to] retailers and tourists from outside the city and county,” Stirpe said. “Our goal is to share a fun experience with anyone who comes to the lake and help form the memories that Brittney and I cherish to this day.”

Conroe Ice Cream Boat will operate on Saturday, Sunday and holiday weekend during its operating months of March-September, Stirpe said. The boat will offer a full assortment of specialty ice cream, which will include ice cream sandwiches, bomb pops and character pops.

“We will also have a wide variety of chips, candy and soda available,” Stirpe said. “Among our offerings are sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free products, so everyone can find something to enjoy, no matter what their dietary restrictions may be.”

Once launched, people will be able to track the boat to see where it is as it cruises around the perimeter of Lake Conroe, Stirpe said. Conroe Ice Cream Boat will also be available to be reserved for parties, weddings, reunions and other events.

“The boat will be decked out in bright blue and pink with 11-foot feather banners attached to the front and enough speakers that you can't miss us,” Stirpe said. “While we will be playing the traditional ice cream truck music, don't be surprised to hear some country, classic rock or ’90s hip-hop thrown in as well.”

  • Launching in March
  • 13921 Old Hwy. 105 W., Ste. 277, Conroe (physical address); Waterpoint Marina (docked during operating months of March-September)