After being in the restaurant industry since 1998, Sam Luu opened WO Sushi Fusion in February 2022. WO Sushi Fusion focuses on providing an extensive variety of sushi options as well as matching the menu's quality of taste and presentation.

“Everything we put out has to look good because you eat with your eyes first,” Luu said.

Zooming in

Luu said his experience in restaurant management started at the age of 19 with his first restaurant located in Spring.

“I've opened numerous restaurants in Houston, so it's not my first rodeo,” he said.

Luu opened Blue Sushi Fusion in College Station about three years ago and expanded into Montgomery with WO Sushi Fusion. The new location chosen was selected due to the growing surrounding area and to provide the community with a quality restaurant near home.

The details

WO Sushi Fusion offers a wide selection of sushi and Japanese-style dishes as well as a unique cocktail and drink selection.

Focusing on quality and presentation, the restaurant offers a variety of cooked and raw sushi options, including the tuna lobster—a raw roll with tempura lobster, snow crab and avocado, topped with fresh ahi tuna, black tobiko and crispy garlic, and drizzled with wasabi, sweet chili and eel sauce.

A customer favorite is the tunamania made with spicy tuna, snow crab and avocado and topped with ahi tuna, bluefin tuna, crispy garlic, scallions, spicy ponzu, spicy mayo and eel sauce.

WO Sushi Fusion ensures quality fresh ingredients that are weekly locally sourced. Luu said the restaurant also ensures fresh food and sushi by preparing each order as it is placed.

While the restaurant offers horseradish root as its main wasabi option, WO Sushi Fusion also serves real pickled wasabi with some rolls, such as the sushi and sashimi combo.

The restaurant also features a selection of handcrafted cocktails as well as wine and sake. WO Sushi Fusion’s specialty martinis include the raspberry lemon drop, lychee-tini, lemon lush and texican among others.

Like WO Sushi Fusion’s food, the presentation of its drinks and cocktails is designed with eye-catching colorful garnishes.