Wister’s Bar & Grill has only been open in Montgomery since April 30, but co-owner Kristy Terrell said she believes it is already bringing the community together with local brews and curated Southern food.

With family-friendly events and events that cater to adults, such as date nights and various alcohol flights, Terell said the restaurant aims to create a space for everyone from moms to business people.

Located at 950 Pine Market Ave., Ste. 440, Montgomery, the eatery offers an elevated bar menu with Southern classics and more entrees coming soon, according to Terrell. The bar offers drink flights, such as whiskey and bourbon, which Terrell said she is passionate about and wants to cater to customers’ tastes.

“When it comes to different beers, whiskeys and wine, ... you want to make sure if [customers] love something specifically, we’re trying to bring it on our tap,” Terrell said.

Along with her interest in wine and spirits, Terrell said she brought her industry experience to the bar.

“My past experience has always been in some type of service industry, ... and then [my husband] was always in [the gas industry],” Terrell said. “[We] kind of knew around [2019] that we wanted to do something different and that was ours.”

Terrell said the bar and grill started with the idea of just a bar or pub, and they had even considered bringing food trucks in. After deciding they wanted their own kitchen and food offerings, Terrell said the owners set out to create a welcoming space.

“We wanted something that when you walked in, it felt special, but it didn’t feel exclusive,” she said.

The restaurant has specials some nights, with date nights on Fridays; steak nights on Thursdays; and family-friendly activities, such as cornhole and bounce houses, on the weekends. In the future, Terrell said she hopes to do more business events.

Terrell said the next step for the restaurant includes expanding the patio as well as adding more entrees to the menu.

Besides giving the community a place to gather and socialize, especially after the peak of the pandemic, she said she hopes customers feel supported by the community created at the restaurant.

“There’s just a lot of opportunity for us to find ways to either support or at least be a conduit for [customers] to find support,” Terrell said.

Wister’s Bar & Grill

950 Pine Market Ave., Ste. 440, Montgomery



Hours: Wed.-Thu. 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-11:30 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Mon.-Tue. closed