At a regular Conroe City Council meeting June 22, Steve Williams, assistant city administrator and chief financial officer, updated the council on the construction of the new Hyatt Regency Conroe and Convention Center, noting the price of the project has increased from the budget by nearly $8 million.

Williams said this month, in different sections of the building, overhead mechanical and electrical as well as plumbing are in the process of being completed, among other work. On level two, the fitness center has been erected, he said.

Although Williams was to give a construction update, council members also asked for a financial update on the project. Williams said the total cost of the project is now at $107 million, an increase from the budget of $99 million, which was already an increase form the original budget of $92 million before the hotel was determined to be Hyatt Regency.

Williams also said 18 weather days were built into the construction contract, and 11 have been used due to the wet spring, which Williams said occurred this year.

“If we go over the 18 [weather days], we got to pay more,” Williams said. “And that’s just something that is outside of the scope of the contract, outside of our control.”