Latest estimates released Dec. 10 from the U.S. Census Bureau show the cities of Conroe and Montgomery exceed Montgomery County in terms of more rapidly growing populations and a greater increase in median household income from 2014-19.

For example, the population of the city of Montgomery more than doubled from 2014-19—rising 146.48%—while Montgomery County's population grew 17.44% during that time, according to 5-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Additionally, the city of Conroe's population grew 37.69% during that time.

The city of Willis—home to 6,566 residents—saw its population grow 8.49% from 2014-19.

Median household income grew the most in the city of Montgomery of the three cities from 2014-19 as well, data shows, rising 66.85%.

Household income grew 49.81% in the city of Conroe during that time, still exceeding the county's increase of 18.71%.

The city of Willis saw its median household income rise 16.2% from 2014-19.

Montgomery also leads the three cities in the percent of residents age 25 and older with a high school diploma or higher. In Montgomery County, data shows 87.7% of residents age 25 and older have at least a high school diploma, and 35.5% of residents have at least a bachelor's degree.