Since July 27, the number of active COVID-19 cases in Montgomery County has continued declining, the county's public health district reports. As of Aug. 6, there are 1,923 active cases, a decrease of 167 from Aug. 5. The county reached a high of 2,597 on July 27.

The Montgomery County Public Health District also confirmed the 77th coronavirus-related death—a man in his 30s from Magnolia died in a hospital. He had other health conditions in addition to testing positive for COVID-19.

The total cases increased by 51 to 6,510 from Aug. 5. There are 53 residents known to be in the hospital, but contact investigations have not been initiated on all reported cases, and there are still 172 unconfirmed cases. Meanwhile, 4,338 people have clinically recover

There are 150 total COVID-19 patients in Montgomery County hospitals, with 41 in intensive care units and 109 in general beds.