After saying he will allow all businesses to open May 1, Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough said in a May 1 Facebook video that after receiving clarification, only essential businesses and those outlined in from Gov. Greg Abbott's order may open.

"I asked [the governor] to clarify this, ... and it wasn't until last evening that we received a telephone call from the attorney general's office, who basically told us ... that anybody who visits these businesses ... could be prosecuted," Keough said. "That implies those businesses are closed."

In a letter from the Texas Attorney General's Office, officials clarified that nonessential services, such as gyms, studios, barbershops and nail salons, are not classified as essential and cannot open.

"The governor’s order is neither vague nor unenforceable, and local governments are prohibited from allowing businesses to reopen unless they are recognized as essential or reopened services under the governor’s order," the letter stated.

Keough said he will continue working to open businesses in Montgomery County as soon as possible.