During a May 8 economic forum, Danielle Scheiner, executive director of the Conroe Economic Development Council, updated the public on Conroe’s economy, technology and industrial parks as well as projects coming soon to Conroe.

Background: According to the presentation, the CEDC is funded by $0.015 sales tax for economic development that was approved by Conroe voters in 1994.

By the numbers:
  • Conroe was ranked the No. 2 city from 2010-20 in the U.S. for top 10 fastest-growing U.S. large cities, falling behind Frisco for the fastest-growing city by population.
  • Conroe was ranked as a top 25 U.S. growth city by U-Haul in 2022, measuring one-way trips to a city.
  • Conroe saw 71.2% population growth from 2010-20.
  • Conroe has a total of 4,945 businesses that employ 47,149 people.
The details: Scheiner said North Park has reached 98% capacity. Scheiner said during the presentation that a total of 1,655 acres, or 98% of the land, is under contract or sold. She said the CEDC is looking for additional land; however, if no land presents itself the park will be at a standstill. Scheiner said there is room for more projects at the Deison Technology Park as there are 248 available acres for purchase.

Additionally, there are three projects projected to take over vacant lots and buildings in Downtown Conroe called The Everett, Pacific Lofts and Simonton-Cable. Scheiner said these projects are estimated to be complete by 2025.

Quote of note: “We basically are sold out in Conroe Park North. ... We are looking for some additional land nearby to potentially expand the park, but if we aren’t able to do that, we have [the technology park] that still has about 200 acres available for development,” Scheiner said.

Check out this interactive map for the Deison Technology Park and North Park below.