Sapphire Gas Solutions donated fire suppression trailer to the Conroe Fire Department during a donation ceremony March 3.

Sapphire is a turnkey virtual natural gas pipeline company whose headquarters is in Conroe. Director of Marketing and Corporate Development Joseph Zimowski said Sapphire ordered the trailer for a project that ended up being complete. So, Zimowski said Sapphire decided the piece of equipment should be donated to the city of Conroe.

According to a March 3 press release, the fire suppression system is a fully mobile Purple-K fire extinguisher with an additional foam tank. Sapphire designed this fire suppression system to be easily deployed and used for emergencies, the release said.

"[Sapphire] is very thankful to the first responders here in Conroe and everywhere Sapphire works, who support us in our emergency response planning for the turnkey projects Sapphire operates from New York to California and North Dakota to Florida and everywhere in between. We hope donating this foam trailer helps the Conroe Fire Department with training exercises or in an emergency response situation," said Sapphire CEO Sam Thigpen. "Sapphire appreciates our first responders for everything they do for the communities they serve."

The event was followed by a Liquified Natural Gas demonstration as well as a demonstration of the fire suppression trailer.