A number of new coffee, tea and dessert destinations opened in 2023 throughout Conroe, Montgomery and Willis. This list is not comprehensive.

Coffee and tea

1. Black Rock Coffee Bar

Black Rock Coffee Bar serves traditional and specialty coffee items. Favorites listed on the menu include the Caramel Blondie with caramel and white mocha flavors; the Mexican Mocha with vanilla, almond and cinnamon; and the I.V., a coffee mixed with Irish cream, vanilla breve and six shots of espresso. The bar also services classic drip coffee, cold brew, hot chocolate, smoothies and energy drinks.
  • Opened in July
  • 9571 W. Montgomery St., Ste. 400, Willis
  • www.br.coffee
2. Boba Queen Tea and Sweets

Boba Queen Tea and Sweets offers a variety of boba as well as Thai teas and sweets. This locally owned shop boasts a variety of boba tea flavors, including lychee, taro, mango and brown sugar, as well as options for add ons, such as cream or homemade Thai coconut ice cream.3. Boba Queen Tea and Sweets

The Montgomery location's menu includes milk and fruit-based boba tea, shaved ice, Thai tea and slushes. The shop also sells a small selection of Asian snacks and organic herbal drinks.4. Cha Boba Tea

Cha Boba Tea is a boba shop that sells classic milk tea along with butterfly teas, which is a drink made in house with a carbonated juice base topped with butterfly tea and fresh fruit slices. Cha is also now offering bubble waffle ice cream, a traditional Asian dessert with ice cream and toppings stuffed inside a bubble waffle.5. Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros is a drive-thru coffee chain that specializes in cold brew, iced coffee, freezes, energy drinks and lemonades. Dutch classics include the Kicker, an Irish cream breve; the Caramelizer, a caramel mocha-based drink; and the Golden Eagle, a vanilla and caramel breve with caramel drizzle.6. Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros offers specialty coffee items with classics, such as a the Annihilator, a chocolate macadamia nut breve; freezes, such as the blended coconut mocha; and the Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drinks, which are infused with a flavor of choice. The menu also includes tea, smoothies, lemonade and hot chocolate.7. Feng Cha Teahouse

Feng Cha Teahouse is a bubble tea shop. The franchise sells pure tea, including Earl Grey, black and oolong tea, as well as milk foam tea, classic milk and fruit teas, and specialty drinks. The Conroe location also offers milk foam cakes in a variety of flavors.Frozen treats

8. Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery offers an array of ice cream, cakes, drinks and sorbets. According to the website, the ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery is made fresh in every store.9. Cuppa Yo

Cuppa Yo is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. Frozen yogurt options include Dutch chocolate, toasted marshmallow, Georgia peach, snickerdoodle, sweet coconut and strawberry. Guests can add an assortment of toppings, and cost is based on a weighing system.10. Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice features authentic Italian Ice, soft-serve ice cream and gelati. Gelati is a combination of Italian ice layered with ice cream.11. Keke's Snow Balls

Keke’s Snow Balls is a locally owned snow cone business. The menu boasts traditional snow cone flavors from strawberry and cherry to grape and blue coconut. Snow cones come in three sizes, including small, medium and large. Keke’s is open year round.12. The Paleta Bar

The Paleta Bar is a gourmet Mexican popsicle spot located off of Lake Conroe. The paletas, or ice pops, are handmade. Customers select the flavor of the paleta, a dip option and a topping choice. The restaurant also offers mixed fruit cups, agua frescas, shakes and a few savory food options.Sweet treats

13. Cookie Co.

Cookie Co. is a cookie shop that offers six cookie options per week, including three rotating flavors. Customers can customize their own pack of cookies with a count of one, four, six or 12 cookies.14. Dough Baby Bakeshop

Dough Baby Bakeshop is a locally owned bakery that offers traditional items, such as cookies, cakes, cupcakes and other baked desserts. The bakery also offers a full breakfast and lunch menu with items such as pancakes, omelets, grilled cheese, chicken tenders and burgers.15. Paulette Cafe

Paulette Cafe includes a bakery that sells homemade goods, such as croissants, muffins and tarts. The French restaurant also offers pizza, savory and sweet crepes, salads, and breakfast.16. Woods Cakery Bakery

Woods Cakery Bakery is a bakery in Montgomery that specializes in cookies and cakes for special events and weddings. Owner Brandy Woods opened a storefront that offers a few baked good options.