A new Dyslexia Therapy Center is coming to Conroe on July 1. Founder Grisel Bodden said the new center at 3421 W. Davis St., Ste. 150, will work with students who have dyslexia by providing therapy through a certified academic therapist.

“We have a number of children that are both identified and not identified with dyslexia,” she said. “We also work with providing enrichment to pre-K students to get them reading by the time they enter kindergarten. We provide intensive reading instruction so that when they enter kindergarten they are reading and writing in cursive.”

The individualized intervention program focuses on a students’ individual needs. Bodden said to service a child, they do not need to have an official diagnosis of dyslexia.

“We saw that the need was here, so we wanted to bring our services to this area for those that need us,” she said.

Bodden has been an educator for 25 years and is finishing a doctorate in reading. She is also a state-certified reading specialist, and has been in district and administrative services across Texas. Her employees are certified academic language therapists and state-certified teachers.

The Dyslexia Therapy Center will serve students from pre-K to eighth grade. Registration for classes will begin June 19. 305-766-5365. www.gb-dyslexia-therapy.com