Meraki Haus, located at 1905 Longmire Road, Ste. C1, Conroe, opened Jan. 14. The studio offers a combination of fitness and dance classes, including pole and aerial work with traditional dance and fitness movements. Owner Jenna Brooks said she decided to open Meraki Haus to help bring her passion and knowledge of movement to the whole community.

“The people here are incredible so I planted the magic of pole, aerial, dance and fitness into one studio to bring the essence of creativity and play while learning amazing skills and getting a full-body work out,” she said. “I get to service my home community with my heart song, and nothing brings me more joy than to see and be a part of our community growing and thriving.”

In addition to harnessing physical and creative strength, Meraki Haus offers a soul class, which is geared toward a spiritual direction focusing on mental clarity and soul reconnection through breathing, movements and intentions. 720-773-0481.