Lake Conroe Fishing Adventures consists of one man and his boat, but with passion and some help from his brother, owner Collin Edwards said his goal is to create memories on the water for customers, much like the memories he had as a kid.

Edwards started Lake Conroe Fishing Adventures in 2019 but paused the business to pursue a job offer. While he graduated from Southern Methodist University with a mechanical engineering degree, Edwards said the job was not working out the way he wanted, so he decided to follow his passion. He returned to Lake Conroe Fishing Adventures full time in February.

Lake Conroe Fishing Adventures is a fishing guide business helping visitors to Lake Conroe find, catch and clean fish.

Edwards said he prides himself on catching his own live bait, and he also cleans the fish for customers to take home right after the trip is over, which other fishing guides may not do.

“I like seeing other people happy. You know, to see them catch fish and enjoy the time on the water kind of fulfills the job for me,” Edwards said.

Edwards said the desire to create memories for other people comes from his own love for fishing and being outdoors.

“We try to give everybody a great time, a great memory, because ... even whenever I was growing up as a kid, I have the great memories of my grandfather going fishing and you know, having a great time and spending time on the water and the excitement of catching fish,” Edwards said.

With different fishing seasons on Lake Conroe, Edwards said the area is good for a variety of fish at all times of the year.

Edwards said the pandemic did negatively affect business, but he is optimistic for the future.

“[Business] really slowed down quite a bit, maybe 60%-70%,” Edwards said. “It did put a little bit of hurt on us. We still were able to run trips, but it definitely has affected us, and it’s luckily getting better.”

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