Ty Travelbee and Hannah Hasha are no strangers to home improvement and construction work, as both of them were raised in the industry—and in the Houston area. Travelbee worked in commercial construction for most of his life, he said, and Hasha has worked in interior and exterior painting.

The husband-wife duo—referred to as the “Chip and Jo of Montgomery County” after the famous “Fixer Upper” hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines—opened HashaBee Construction in November 2017.

The couple decided to open their business three months after seeing the devastation in the Greater Houston area following Hurricane Harvey, Hasha said.

“Seeing our whole community in disaster was really our leap of faith, especially after seeing contractors do half of a job and then leaving with the money,” she said. “We couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.”

HashaBee Construction offers interior and exterior painting, weatherproofing, residential demolition and remodeling, pressure washing, staining and fence-building services. Hasha said the couple’s eventual goal is to flip houses.

She said their business, which they operate out of their home, is unique because Hasha focuses on the interior and exterior design role, while Travelbee takes on the construction role.

“Having that husband-and-wife team gives our clients two different people with two different skill sets to come to with questions,” Hasha said.

Additionally, Travelbee said because they are family-owned and -operated, every decision comes through them.

“Our standards are high-quality, and it’s something we value in our company. We’re not sending someone else in to talk with our clients—we do it ourselves,” he said.

Travelbee said they service the Montgomery, Conroe, The Woodlands and Magnolia areas, but want to grow their business to other cities as well.

“I’m going to live [in the Houston area] for the rest of my life, and I want to see it grow,” Travelbee said. “We want to not just be a part of the community, but we also want to make a difference.”

HashaBee Construction