Royce Janik, owner of Royce’s Home Improvement in Conroe, offers tips to homeowners on when to invest in a remodel and how to plan for one.

When should a room or home be remodeled? What makes the investment worth it?

[A remodel should be pursued for] just basically outdated items, fixtures, lights, plumbing fixtures, flooring. ... If that makes them feel good, that’s where the value is.

What are common mistakes homeowners make when planning for a remodel? How can homeowners best prepare?

One of the problems is hiring the wrong contractor, then not researching enough. They’ll put down one type of tile, and a couple months later they’re back at Home Depot or something, and they’re like, “Oh, I really wish I would have chosen this one instead.” Research and really get down and spend that time to pick out exactly what the homeowner wants.

What are some cost-effective home remodeling projects people can invest in?

For a kitchen, you can replace your plumbing fixtures and your light fixtures. Those always are fairly simple things to do that can have a good impact.

If you have to recommend one room or one remodeling project to increase the value of a home, what would it be and why?

The bathroom because there’s a lot going on in the bathroom, and I feel that when people are looking at new homes and you have fresh granite countertops in the bathroom and nice tile, that right there is going to appeal to the buyer.

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