Sundog Yoga Studios owner Stefini Elkins can still remember when she first walked into a yoga studio. There was strange music playing, dim lights and an instructor using foreign words, she said.

“I felt this ... feeling of strength and peace. And I had never felt that before,” Elkins said. “And I see that when people come out.”

For almost two years, Elkins said Sundog Yoga Studios has been creating a place of tranquility for the Montgomery area.

Elkins said she opened the studio Oct. 1, 2018, after moving from Austin about three years ago. She said yoga is still fairly new to the Montgomery area.

Yoga consists of various poses and stretches to promote flexibility, strength and wellness. Elkins said many people may think yoga is a religion, but she said the practice is more of a philosophy or technique that can “complement anything that you believe.”

She said some people may also believe yoga is too rigidly focused on poses.

“They want to be more flexible ... and they stay because of other reasons,” Elkins said.

Yoga has many benefits, from mental clarity to physical strength and wellness, Elkins said.

Elkins offers 12 classes that can welcome beginners or experts at any level, and other teachers offer additional classes or specialized therapies. Elkins said participants often become “a family,” supporting and reaching out to each other.

As the studio nears its two-year anniversary, Elkins said she wants to bring even more members into the studio. Yet even as her studio grows, Elkins said she has always focused on creating a community.

“I see people walk through the door, and they literally exhale,” Elkins said. “It’s just walking through that doorway and knowing where they are and how we’re going to take care of them.”